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    Domain FAQ's
What is a domain name?
Each individual computer on the Internet has it's own address called an Internet Protocol (IP) address (usually they look like ""). A Domain Name System (DNS) was created to replace the usual IP addresses with names, since they're much easier to remember (yourdomain.com). A "Top Level Domain" is the extension on the end of the address. eg .com - .net - .org. National TLDs have a registry located in the country of origin e.g.: .co.in or .co.uk.

Why do I need to register a domain name?
Without a domain name, most likely your website is in the form of http://www.your-isp.com/~yourwebsite. Not only is this hard to remember, but it is hardly likely to compete with a proper domain name in the "findability stakes". Having your own domain name is essential to your marketing efforts. Listing YourDomainName.com on your business cards, and letterhead gives your company a professional look.

Can I reserve my domain name before my site is completely ready to be put online?
Absolutely! MicrosysInfomedia.com will put up a temporary web page until you are ready to develop your website. This is also known as "Domain Parking" see next item.

What does it mean to "park" a domain name?
A domain must have an address even if it is not active. MicrosysInfomedia.com provides an address for all domains registered using our service and place a temporary page to show the domain is "parked" and not currently used. Upon payment of the annual hosting fee you will be given full access to upload your web pages.

How to park a new domain under your existing account?
Just order your new domain on the domains page or contact sales support at: sales@microsysinfomedia.com and tell us your Account Domain Name and the new Domain Name. We will park your newly registered Domain.

How do I choose a good domain name?
Choose a Domain Name that reflects the intent of your web site. Try to make your Domain Name unique and easy to remember. It really comes down to you choosing a Domain Name that you like but avoid really long names unless it is easy to remember. eg itsrainingcatsanddogs.com.

How long can my domain name be, and what characters can I use?
A Domain Name can contain up to 67 letters and may contain letters, numbers and hyphens (-). No spaces or any other characters are allowed.

How can I check if my desired domain name is available?
You can check to see if your Domain Name is available using the Check Domains search on this site.

What if the domain name I want to register is already taken?
If the Domain Name you are interested in registering has already been registered, you must select another Domain Name that you would like to register, or try registering the same name within a different Top Level Domain. For example, if mybrand.com is not available, try registering mybrand.net or mybrand.org. MicrosysInfomedia.com can provide no assistance in acquiring a domain name that is already registered. However by using the Domain WhoIS Search tool you can discover the owners name and approach them directly.

Will my domain name work with and without the WWW?
Yes, your Domain Name will work with and without the WWW.

Do I need to register .com, .net and .org?
The expense of registering and supporting a Domain Name is minor compared to the expense of marketing your Domain Name and your business. The last thing you want is for someone else (usually your competitors) to benefit from your efforts to establish your identity. You will see competitors registering names close to yours, trying to benefit from typos your visitors may make. For example, someone registered internik.net to try and benefit from typos by visitors to reputable internic.net.

Can I register domain names with country suffixes?
Yes, you can now register Indian suffixes too; .co.in and .firm.in.

How much does it cost to register a domain name?
MicrosysInfomedia.com currently charges Rs.444/- annually per Domain Name for .com, .net, .org.

How much web space do I get?
MicrosysInfomedia.com provide several packages to suit your requirements and budget - see the Domain Hosting section.

How long will it take for the Domain Name to be useable after registration?
Registration only takes a few minutes. After registration, your domain name will be useable within 24-48 hours.

What if I need to change my domain name?
We apologize for your inconvenience, but there is NO possible way for us to make corrections to Domain Names after the customer has submitted them.

How do I register a domain name and web hosting with MicrosysInfomedia.com?
MicrosysInfomedia.com will register your .COM, .ORG, .NET domain name for Rs.495/- per year. Just search a domain you want to register and complete the Hosting Order Form and we will register your domain name and setup your hosting account instantly!.

Can I register a domain name if I am not ready to sign up for hosting yet?
Yes. We can register your domain name and you can set up a hosting account later. And, we will point your domain name to our servers so that when you sign up for hosting, your new domain name will be ready to use. (No transfer will be necessary.) Register a .com, .net or .org domain name up to 67 characters.

I changed my mind about the domain name that I registered. Is it too late to change it?
Once you register a domain name, you cannot "un-register" it. If you find that the domain name you chose no longer suits your business or personal needs, you should register another domain name. The domain name you originally registered will continue to be registered to you until the end of the registration period. Registration and re-registration fees are non-refundable.

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